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False brethren

Pro 6:19  A falseH8267 witnessH5707 that speakethH6315 lies,H3577 and he that sowethH7971 discordH4090 amongH996 brethren.H251

2Co 11:26  In journeyingsG3597 often,G4178 in perilsG2794 of waters,G4215 in perilsG2794 of robbers,G3027 in perilsG2794 byG1537 mine own countrymen,G1085 in perilsG2794 byG1537 the heathen,G1484 in perilsG2794 inG1722 the city,G4172 in perilsG2794 inG1722 the wilderness,G2047 in perilsG2794 inG1722 the sea,G2281 in perilsG2794 amongG1722 false brethren;G5569

Gal 2:4  AndG1161 that becauseG1223 of false brethrenG5569 unawares brought in,G3920 whoG3748 came in privilyG3922 to spy outG2684 ourG2257 libertyG1657 whichG3739 we haveG2192 inG1722 ChristG5547 Jesus,G2424 thatG2443 they might bring us into bondage:G2615 G2248

Pro 6:19

2 Cor 11:26

Gal 2:4

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