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                                         (BIBLE) PRESENTED BY STEVEN SCHILLER

"It can't be understood"

We seen that it was written to be understood

To say that man cannot understand is to impugn God's ability to provide a revelation

"Only 'Spirit-filled' people can understand it"

This belief actually contributes to much misunderstanding and division over the Bible

Everyone claims the Spirit is leading them to their own understanding

Others are wrong because they don't have the Spirit's leading

It is based upon a misreading and misapplication of 1Co 2:14

That one cannot understand spiritual things without the help of the Spirit

Including understanding the Bible, that it requires the Spirit's aid

But note the context - 1Co 2:6-13

Paul is contrasting God's wisdom with the wisdom of this world

The world with its wisdom cannot know what God has prepared

What is known in the mind of God comes only through divine revelation

Note carefully the process:

God has prepared things which man cannot perceive on his own - 1Co 2:9

God has revealed them to the apostles through His Spirit who alone knows the mind of God - 1Co 2:10-11

The apostles received that which the Spirit revealed, that we might know the things given to us by God - 1Co 2:12

The apostles speak that which they received, using words of the Spirit, not words of human wisdom - 1Co 2:13

Here, then, is the proper meaning of 1Co 2:14-16

The 'natural man' is one who depends upon human wisdom (such as the 'rulers of the age')

Without the benefit of divine revelation

Who therefore is unable to receive the things of the Spirit of God

Who depending only on human wisdom considers the things of God foolishness

The 'spiritual man' is one who has the Spirit (such as the apostles)

Who has been given divine revelation of God's will

Who is therefore able to judge all things, and is judged by no one

For such has been given the mind of the Lord (Christ)

Paul is therefore contrasting himself (and the apostles) with uninspired men

Remember now what Paul wrote in Ep 3:3-5

God has revealed what was unknown (the mystery) to the apostles and prophets by His Spirit

Who in turn have written what they received

Whereby when we read, we can now understand their knowledge!

-- We don't need some special guidance of the Spirit to understand the Word; the Word of God itself is the Spirit's own revelation of God's will!


Many make little or no effort

They rarely read and study the Bible

They therefore remain ignorant

They remain babes in their knowledge and understanding

Many study for the wrong reasons

They may spend a lot of time studying, but with improper motives

To prove themselves right (reading only to justify their conduct or beliefs)

To prove others wrong (reading only to find arguments to support their position)

Many fail to apply their God-given common sense

Such as looking up words they don't understand

Such as defining words in their context

Such as taking into consideration all that God's word says on a subject

Such as studying the Bible the way it was written

Book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse

Starting at the beginning, reading through to the end

-- The problem is not with God's Word; the problem is slothful, sloppy handling of God's word - 2Ti 2:15


The Bible can be understood...

By children

By truth seekers

By babes in Christ

-- Though parts of it will always challenge even the mature Christian

God desires that all be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth - 1Ti 2:4

He gave His Son as a ransom - 1Ti 2:5-6

He sent His Spirit to guide us into all the truth - Jn 16:13

-- Through His apostles and prophets His truth and salvation can be known!

The question is not whether God's word can be understood, but whether we will make an honest and sincere effort to understand and obey it!







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